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Ferguson by langis
A few years ago, a tragedy struck Japan in the form of a massive earthquake that revealed big problems in how its government handles crises, how its people keep track of politics, and more. On DeviantArt, a place that is supposed to contain, you know, art -- that thing that is an expression of self but also often is a commentary on world events -- there was loads and loads of artwork about the disaster. Comparatively little about the similar trouble happening in New Zealand at the time, which I then somewhat insensitively chalked up to New Zealand not producing anime. I felt bad about that.

Not sure I should have, because WHERE, IN THE HELL, ARE THE WORKS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN FERGUSON? You know, that place in the first world United States of America where police are violating human rights and freedom of the press daily, have been for days now, and show no sign of stopping? Is it because Ferguson doesn't produce anime? Not enough waifus and inexplicable teardrops on the backs of heads and spiky-haired male protagonists quickly outclassing their female counterparts who invariably fall head over heels in love with said protagonists?

There are works on DeviantArt about this issue, but I can almost count them on one hand. If this was happening in Japan, you'd see nothing but (anime-esque) art all over this site. DeviantArt primes itself as more than that, and I'm fairly certain its users feel like submitting their works is meaningful. So how about not having such a myopic view when it comes to tragedy, and let what's happening in Ferguson now be as much a muse as when that terrible earthquake hit Japan. 

Because art is supposed to open eyes, change minds, and shine a light on what humanity all too readily ignores. I can't draw for shit (yet), or I'd do this myself, but I'd still be bitching about this, and I feel justified in doing so.

Flame away, if you feel so inclined. I can at least call that some sort of attention that hopefully turns into action on this issue.

Update: Though if you're going to comment, please take a look at NiHZ's tantrum below, wherein he attempts to justify attention to tragedy based on that tragedy's toll, downplays the Furgeson situation immensely, and moves more goalposts than a dual-use soccer/football stadium. It's a good example of how not to comment, think, or act in general.


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